Heyoka’s Mirror is a Calgary, AB based progressive rock/metal band with international roots.

Brought to life in the summer of 2015 by founding members Andrew Balboa and Omar Sultan, later that year joined by drummer Bayan Sharafi who found his home in Heyoka’s Mirror.

The Band played their first show in the winter of 2015, a talent showcase/competition organized by Landmark Events, which the band won! Rahbek Salomons filled in for bass guitar for these shows and helped Heyoka’s Mirror win and get their music out to Calgary and surrounding areas, Rahbek Salomons and Heyoka’s Mirror parted ways shortly after that.

During this time, Andrew and Omar kept writing music for their first EP and started writing music for what would end up being their first album.

Jumping to 2017, Heyoka’s Mirror released their first EP “Loss of Contact With Reality” on December 4.

At the end of 2018, drummer Bayan Sharafi left the band to follow his career.

During 2019, Andrew Balboa and Omar Sultan finished writing the first Heyoka’s Mirror full-length album and began recording with the help of Casey Lewis & Johnny Kerr on drums and Brendan Rothwell & Renan Weignater on bass at Echo Base Studios.

During 2020, Heyoka’s Mirror released two music videos under the direction of Seth Williams. Their first video “Asylum”, released on February 10, was nominated as Best Music Video for 2020 by the YYC Music Awards.